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Optical Guidance in Neurosurgery

FluoLink delivers a fully functioning prototype and probes for identification of malignant brain tumour during biopsy and resection.

FluoLink's solution minimizes the risk of bleeding in the brain by avoiding larger blood vessels crossing the intended path for the probe.

In comparison to conventional technology, this creates higher precision, better risk control and higher efficiency for the patient, the neurosurgeon, and the clinical institution through safe distinction between tumorous and healthy brain tissue.

FluoLink presents a world-leading solution to:

- an efficient way for biopsies
- support decision making during resections
- safer guiding in the brain

FluoLink:  cost-effective patented solutions to increases patient quality

The Team! 

Magnus Tegström

Broad International experience in various roles from the pharmaceutical industry, Astra Zeneca, Novartis, and GSK.

Johan Richter

Senior neurosurgeon at Department of Neurosurgery, Linköping University Hospital.
He is a co-founder of FluoLink AB

Magnus Thorarensen

Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Co-founder and Partner in Linköping's angelnetwork LIAF - Linköpings Affärsänglar

Karin Wårdell
MSc, PhD

Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Linköping University,
Head of the Neuroengineering Group.
She is a co-founder of FluoLink AB.

The company FluoLink AB, a spin-off from Linköping University, was founded in 2018 by researchers Professor Karin Wårdell and MD Johan Richter. They have for many years conducted research in neurosurgery and optical navigation. Their purpose was to share the knowledge within neurosurgery, to give more patients the possibility of better care through safer navigation in the brain. FluoLink is today a member of LEAD. An independent business incubator in Linköping and where we today have our office.


FluoLink has been supported by a number of different actors.

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